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Agile Project Management: Agile project management encompasses many repetitive approaches, supported the principles of human interaction management and supported on a method read of human collaboration. Agile-based methodologies ar “most typically” utilized in computer code development in addition because the “website, technology, creative, and selling industries.”[25] This sharply contrasts with ancient approaches like the water technique. In agile computer code development or versatile development, the project is seen as a series of comparatively tiny tasks planned ANd dead to conclusion because the scenario demands in an adjustive manner, instead of as a totally pre-planned method.
Advocates of this method claim that:
It is the foremost consistent project management technique since it involves frequent testing of the project beneath development.
It is the sole technique during which the shopper are going to be actively concerned within the project development.
The only disadvantage with this method is that it ought to be used given that the shopper has enough time to be actively concerned within the project each currently then.
Agile is AN umbrella term for multiple project management methodologies, including:
Scrum – A holistic approach to development that focuses on repetitive goals set by the merchandise Owner through a backlog, that is developed by the Delivery Team through the facilitation of the scrummage Master.
Extreme Programming (XP) – conjointly known as try Programming this technique uses tiny teams and includes a extremely prescriptive take a look at Driven Development (TDD) model.
eXtreme producing (XM) – AN agile methodology supported scrummage, Kanban and Kaizen that facilitates fast engineering and prototyping.
Crystal Clear – AN agile or light-weight methodology that focuses on colocation and diffusion communication.
Kanban- A lean framework for method improvement that’s oft accustomed manage add progress (WIP) inside agile comes. Kanban has been specifically applied in computer code development.

Scrum ban: a mixed scrummage and kanban approach to project management. It focuses on taking the flexibleness of kanban and adding the structure of scrummage to make a replacement thanks to manage comes.